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Reclaim Your Sacred Strength


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See Yourself With Compassion

Celebrate Yourself With Boudoir

The Divine Feminine Boudoir program will give you

the tools and experiences to identify and

replace the beliefs that no longer serve you.

It all culminates in a lux photo shoot experience where you are able to see the truth of your divinity and beauty. 


Our guarantee -

you will leave your experience feeling

more connected to your divinity. 


That’s the reason our clients call it “Boudoir Therapy”.

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Meet a Few Brave Boudoir Babes 🙂

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Reveal Your Inner Goddess With Boudoir

Boudoir Sessions Start at $350 and Include:

✔ “I Love My Photos” Guarantee

✔ Professional Hair

✔ Professional Makeup

✔ Pre-session Consultation

✔ Wardrobe Advice

✔ Unlimited Outfits

✔ Professional Posing Coaching

✔ Complimentary Headshots

✔ Portrait Session

Images/products are sold separately at the Photo Reveal.

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How We Felt After Our Boudoir Shoots

Meet a few more brave boudoir babes 🙂

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Being Raw With My Emotions Was Super Powerful

“This was amazing! Seeing myself and knowing that I am beautiful - being raw with those emotions was super powerful. I had so much fun and felt so comfortable - every detail was just perfection.


I have been hesitant for years on getting my photos done and I've been on my own journey to discover who I am. 


Book with Brittny! Hands down best photographer I’ve ever had.”

– Miss S

Professional & Artistic Perfection

“Brittny's team did a fantastic job with my photoshoot. Their professionalism shined from the very first contact and throughout the entire experience.


She runs a seamless business that is perfectly matched with serious artistic talent and photography skill.


I was so comfortable and at ease which allowed her to capture my authentic self in the photos. I highly recommend Brittny not only as a photographer but a great business woman!”

– Miss K

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Better Than
I Ever Imagined 

I felt so at ease, like I was with one of my girlfriends. I can’t wait to do it again! The quality of the images is far beyond my expectations, and the best thing is it’s all me. I could not have ever imagined it to be such a wonderful experience that I will always cherish.”

They helped me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I never felt awkward or nervous around her. So glad I went with them to make these incredible pictures!”

– Miss A

“After seeing these photos, I finally see what my husband sees in me. 

When he says I’m beautiful…he’s telling the truth!”

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Your Divine Feminine Boudoir Experience

Luxury Boudoir Album Collections

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Watch This Video To See Why I Started Shooting Boudoir

First, boudoir helped me realize that I am beautiful.

I guarantee you will leave the shoot with new found confidence in yourself – because that’s exactly what happened to me! All of my clients come in feeling nervous and everyone leaves realizing how beautiful they are – with amazing photos as proof.

Then, I wanted to help other women discover their beauty.

After experiencing the empowerment and confidence boost myself, I needed to share that with other women. My entire perspective about myself changed in the course of a few hours and I want every woman to feel like I feel now instead of how I felt before my shoot.

Now, we help 3 women every week feel empowered and confident as they are!

So, we built a house that has TWO in-home studios to give you the perfect and safe boudoir experience. Every week we're blessed to work with 3 different women who are on their own journeys of self love and empowerment! 

Allow this to be a season of transformation!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,

it’s time to take back your sacred power.


It’s your body. It’s your time. 

Let’s chat!

Please complete this form to inquire about availability and pricing and to schedule an introduction call  :) 

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I’m so awkward in front of the camera!

None of my clients are models! We will be laughing and having a good time during the session and I’ll coach you through every facial expression and pose. You don’t have to prepare a thing! I guarantee you will leave the shoot with new found confidence in yourself. All of my clients come in feeling nervous and everyone leaves with amazing photos.

I’ve never done this before…

That is ok! You will receive our Boudoir Preparation Guide to walk you through everything from choosing outfits to what to bring to the session. At the session I’ll give you direction at every point.

Do you offer Hair + Makeup?

Absolutely! Sit back and relax as our professional stylist begins your transformation! These stylists are trained to do makeup that looks amazing on camera. Whether you want a natural or glamorous look, you will love the pampering experience!

How do I book?

Click the button below. I’ll reach out to you to answer any questions you have and walk you through what to expect from the experience!


Join our body positive community for:


  • Inspiration and empowerment

  • Tips and tricks for preparing for your boudoir photo shoot

  • Behind the scenes of Love Brittny Boudoir

  • First claim to promotions and giveaways

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A Few More FAQ’s – Boudoir Sessions

  • “I’m not pretty/skinny enough.” Every single woman come to the session asking me to hide their stomach and disguise parts of their body. Every woman leaves the session loving her photos and loving herself.

  • I don’t want my photos on the internet. That’s ok! We only share photos from clients who have given explicit permission. Privacy is very important to us and we respect your decision either way. If you decide that you feel comfortable sharing the images, I would love to share them so other women can see what the experience is like.

  • Boudoir is extravagant and vain. Is it extravagant to paint your nails? To curl or color your hair? We invest in these experiences because they build our confidence and reflect our inner beauty. When was the last time you got away from your daily routine and did something that made you feel EMPOWERED? It’s not extravagant to treat yourself to an experience that will let you walk back into your life feeling refreshed and confident.

  • I’m conservative…that’s a bit outside my comfort zone. Your entire session is customized to your comfort levels. You could wear a baggy sweater or be nude and we would still get classy, sexy, glamorous photos. I’m a conservative Christian girl through and through. I believe God wants us to find JOY in our bodies.

  • I have stretch marks and problem areas…Do you photoshop? Boudoir photography has the power to strip away the lies we believe about our bodies. My goal is to show you the beautiful reality about yourself…raw, honest, beautiful photos. I will edit out any non-permanent bruises and blemishes but after so many shoots I’ve mastered lighting and posing that will flatter you, no matter what size or age.

  • Where do you shoot? My main studio is located in Cedar Hills, Utah. That studio was designed specifically for boudoir sessions and has the perfect glowy lighting and neutral colors to keep you center of these photos. My studio is included as part of the session fee.I love traveling and I frequently shoot in other locations. Message me if you have ideas!

  • Can I bring a friend? Yes! Bring a supportive friend to your shoot and photo reveal. Everyone could use an extra hype girl.

  • How much does it cost? Boudoir Sessions begin at $350. Inquire to receive pricing info or to schedule a free consultation! We will walk through all of the details before your shoot and answer any questions you have!

  • I don’t know what to order. How long does it take to get the product? No rush to decide! I will have examples of everything (Fine Art Albums, Folio Boxes, Wall Prints, etc…) in the studio so you can hold them in your hand. Your order will be placed the day of your session and normally takes 1-3 weeks to be ready for pickup depending on the products you order. If you select a package with digital images, you will receive access to your digital photos before you leave the studio.


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